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In 2017, I took up vaping myself to stay away from cigarettes which I've been attempting to do since the early 2000s and attempted several times just to be ineffective again and again with nicotine patches, chewing gum, etc.


At the end of 2017, I eventually had enough and felt that it was now or never to give them up, I went and purchased my first ever e-cigarette (vape). Initially, I wasn't particularly happy because I was coughing (my lungs getting used to transitioning from smoking to vaping) after a couple of hours, I became more and more used to it and convinced myself that I was going to give this a proper try this time, and I did.


Over the moon for myself, as more and more of the days/weeks went by, and still feeling like the weight of the universe had been taking away of my shoulders since I had actually done everything that I had told myself that I would have done for so long. It was in my mind that I wondered if I could quit so quickly.

The shop

I wondered, if I can, then why can't others?


 I felt better than ever before, and I wished the same thing with my loved ones and other people with the same goals as me. So early in 2018, I said I was going to go for it, I saw a unit in Mulhuddart for let, and I had some savings waiting for the right opportunity to start a new venture, a new life, a chance to support others.


It's been the biggest move I've taken to date 2 years ago and I enjoy the business and everything that's involved. Moving onwards and upwards! 

Yours truly,

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Nate L.

Vapor Venue Loyal Customer Review

"Really nice place with some great offers on Liquids and nearby to me too"

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